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claim your tax back if you are a foreign visitor to Turkey

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claim your tax back if you are a foreign visitor to Turkey Empty claim your tax back if you are a foreign visitor to Turkey

Post  Mavi on Wed Apr 02, 2008 12:55 am

Global Refund

As a foreign visitor to Turkey you are entitled to claim back the tax (VAT/KDV) you pay on your purchases when you take them home. The simplest and safest way to reclaim your tax is through the services offered by major retailers world wide, Global Refund Tax Free Shopping. The only thing you have to do is to look for the Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING stickers on the shops' window and of course spend a minimum amount of money in each store you visit. The VAT, which is KDV in Turkish, rates are 8%, 17% and 25%.

Purchasing above the minimum amount in the tax free shops please ask for the Global Refund Cheque. When leaving Turkey, latest in 3 months, you must declare your purchases at the Turkish customs office and get an export stamp for validating your Global Refund Cheques.
You can receive your cash refund by cashing your Global Refund Cheques at nearby Turkish Cash Refund Office after you have obtained the customs stamp. Alternatively, latest in 30 days following your departure you can mail your validated Global Refund Cheques in the special envelope provided, to the Global Refund Office in Turkey. Your credit card account will automatically be credited.

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