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Turkey's Fine Wines..

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Turkey's Fine Wines.. Empty Turkey's Fine Wines..

Post  Mavi on Thu Feb 14, 2008 12:15 am

Turkey's Fine Wines.. Pamukkalewineryxy7

Pamukkale Wine original site (in english or turkish)

Pammukale Wine Range (in english or german)

Pamukkale Winery, which started its production with the capacity of 1.000 Hl. in GŁney, a district of Denizli, in 1962; marketed its product in bulk wine until 1967. From then on, it put its products on the market in bottles. The oenophiles who are expert in winery, started to work for the establishment in 1972. Therefore, it renewed its technology and its capacity was increased.
With its advanced technology, it has reached the capacity of producing 35.000 Hl. It became one of the most modern wine production and bottling establishment in Turkey.
Pamukkale Winery which has been processing Anatolia's best grapes for winery under the supervision of German wine experts, is exporting 30% of its production to European countries such as France, Netherland, Denmark, Austria, but mostly to Germany.

The Anfora Range


ShirazTurkey's Fine Wines.. Anforashirazqi7

Wine made from Shiraz/Syrah grapes grown in Guney Denizli. It is an elegant, balanced and fresh wine with intense red fruit flavours.

It matches well with all kinds of red and white meat, sauces and cheeses.


Wine made from Merlot graped from Guney, Denizli. It has a plum, cherry, raspberry and spicy aroma. It is a medium bodied and balanced wine and matches well with grilled red meat and cheeses.

Cabernet SauvignonTurkey's Fine Wines.. Anforacabernetsauvignoncf5

Wine made from Cabernet Sauvignon grape grown in Guney, Denizli. 40% has been aged in American oak for 1 year. It is a spicy, oaky, well balanced and structured wine with matured red fruit flavours.

It matches well with any kind of red meat or cheese.

Kalecik Karasi

Wine made from Kalecik Karasi grapes from Guney, Denizli. It is a fruity elegant, balanced and fresh wine. It matches well with red and white meat, some fish, in particular Sea Bass and Rouget, and cheese.

Okuzgozu Bogazkere

Wine made from Okuzgozu and Bogazkere grapes from Guney, Denizli.
It has red fruit flavours like cherry and raspberry. It is a structured and lightly tanic wine.
It matches well with red meat and mild or sharp cheese.


Chardonnay Turkey's Fine Wines.. Anforachordannaydz8
Wine made from Chardonnay grapes grown in Guney, Denizli. It is a fresh, well balanced elegant wine with intense fruit flavours like pineapple and grapefruit. It matches well with all kinds of fish and frilled white meat. Served at 6-8 degrees C.


Wine made from Narince grapes grown in Guney, Denizli.
It is a fresh and fruity wine with a flavour reminiscent of pineapple and citrus fruits.
It matches well with cheese, white meat and fish. Served 6-8 degrees C.

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