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How far would you go for "beauty"?

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How far would you go for "beauty"? Empty How far would you go for "beauty"?

Post  Alison on Thu Feb 28, 2008 11:18 am

I hmmmm'd and haaaaa'd about what section this thread should go in; pamper room? hamam? But decided on here as it really doesn't belong in any particular one.

Around the world, people have different expectations of what they class beauty. In some countries, men and women insert a wooden "plate" into their bottom lip and they're considered gorgeous. In a different country, women wear metal rings around their neck, elongating it. Looks weird to me but they consider it beautiful.

I received an email this morning and I only wish that I hadn't just ate my breakfast when I read it. I'm funny about my feet; they always need to be able to move freely and my toes have to wiggle. I hate wearing confined shoes, that's why I wear open toed sandals for as long as the weather permits.

Well I'm attaching the photographs from the email. This lady is japanese....

How far would you go for "beauty"? Japane12

How far would you go for "beauty"? Japane13

How far would you go for "beauty"? Japane14

How far would you go for "beauty"? Japane15

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