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Let's Talk Kebabs

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Let's Talk Kebabs Empty Let's Talk Kebabs

Post  Alison on Sat Dec 08, 2007 1:07 pm

Döner is the famous turning spit of lamb or chicken from which slices of meat are cut. This is usually served in a half loaf (yarim ekmek) with raw onions and tomato and makes a cheap lunch. If you're sitting down to eat it may be served with rice, chips, salad and bread.
Şiş (shish) is cubes of meat (which may be lamb, beef or chicken) served on small wooden skewers and served in the same way as doner. Very tasty finger food served in either half a bread or with hot pide bread.
Iskender is lamb doner meat served on top of chopped up pide bread and topped with yoghurt and kebab sauce. You'll also get some tomato and raw onion on the side.
Köfte are grilled meatballs which can be served inside half a loaf or alongside rice and salad. Some restaurants will serve a very spicey salsa on the side.
Adana is lamb mince served sausage-like, long and flat on a metal skewer. You can either have it spicey or plain. Unlike most kebabs, it's not usually served inside bread, but on a plate with rice, salad and bread.

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