Tax free shopping while in Turkey

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Tax free shopping while in Turkey

Post  Mavi on Tue Dec 11, 2007 8:49 am

As a foreign visitor to Turkey you are entitled to claim back the tax (VAT/KDV) you pay on your purchases when you take them home.
The simplest and safest way to reclaim your tax is through the services offered by major retailers world wide, Global Refund Tax Free Shopping.
The only thing you have to do is to look for the Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING stickers on the shops' window.And of course spend a minimum amount of money in each store you visit.As April 2000, minimum total purchase amount is TL 50,000,000.- +VAT. (equivalent of aprox. USD 100.-)
All Turkish citizens living abroad are also entitled for tax refund.
The VAT, which is KDV in Turkish, rates in Turkey are 8%, 17% and 25%.
Your Global Refund Cheque must be stamped by Customs at departure within 3 months.

3 easy steps for VAT refund

The VAT Procedure | Refund Offices | FAQ
VAT Calculator | Currency Calculator

Step 1 Shop
Shop wherever you see the Global Refund TAX FREE SHOPPING sign. Whenever you make a purchase over TL 50,000,000.- + VAT, ask for the Global Refund Cheque.

Step 2 Get an Export Stamp.
As with all exports, you must declare your purchases at the Turkish customs office.So when leaving Turkey, latest in 3 months, present your purchases and your Global Refund Cheques to customs to get them validated.

Step 3 Cash your Global Refund Cheques
Finally, receive your cash refund by cashing your Global Refund Cheques at our nearby Cash Refund Office after you have obtained the customs stamp.

Alternatively, latest in 30 days following your departure you can mail your validated Global Refund Cheques in the special envelope provided, to the Global Refund Office in Turkey. Your credit card account will automatically be credited.

The VAT refund is calculated after deducting a handling fee.

refund offices in Turkey

ISTANBUL Ataturk Airport Is Bank open every day - 24 hours
Karakoy Harbour Is Bank open Monday to Friday
09:00 - 12:00, 13:30 - 17:00
ANKARA Esenboga Airport Is Bank open every day - 24 hours
DALAMAN Airport Is Bank open every day - 24 hours
BODRUM Airport Is Bank open every day - 24 hours

All the information on this page is supplied by GLOBAL REFUND.

Q: Is there a time limit for exporting the goods?
A: Between the purchase date and the customs stamp date no more than three months must elapse beginning with the end of the month in which you bought the goods.

Q: Where do I receive the export confirmation (customs stamp)?
A: Prior to leaving Turkey, the GLOBAL REFUND Cheque must be presented to the Turkish border customs office together with the goods purchased. The customs officer will certify the export through a customs stamp placed on the GLOBAL REFUND Cheque.

Q: Could I get the customs stamp in another country?
A: No. The stamp must be obtained in TURKEY prior to leaving.

Q: What is Tax Free Shopping?
A: Quite simply, Tax Free Shopping is an internationally available service, enabling tourists to shop in the country they are visiting and to reclaim the local value added tax which is included in the selling price of the purchases they make. This service offered by major retailers worlwide is easy-to-use und hassle-free and is run by GLOBAL REFUND.

Q: Who has to export the goods?
A: The goods have to be exported by the person whose name appears as customer on the GLOBAL REFUND Cheque.

Q: For which purchases do I receive a VAT refund?
A: VAT can be refunded for any purchases you make at the same shop at a time for a total purchase amount of over TL 50,000,000.- +VAT. VAT cannot be refunded on services.

Q: Where and how do I receive the GLOBAL REFUND Cheque?
A: When making a purchase in a shop affiliated with the GLOBAL REFUND refund system, ask the staff for a "GLOBAL REFUND Cheque." The GLOBAL REFUND Cheque has to be issued on the day of the purchase.

Q: Is it possible to use the goods purchased before exporting them?
A: Yes, the goods can be used, but the customs officer must be able to check whether the goods you show him or her are the goods on your GLOBAL REFUND Cheque.

Q: Where and how do I receive my refund?
A: You can get your refund immediately and in cash when leaving Turkey at one of the refund desks only at the airports listed. Please ask for the GLOBAL REFUND envelope with the list of our refund-counters in the shop. Alternatively, you can mail your validated GLOBAL REFUND Cheques to the GLOBAL REFUND office for refund. The refund amount will be credited to your credit card account.

Q: How do I get my refund, if a cash refund office does not exist at the departure point?
A: You need to mail your validated GLOBAL REFUND Cheques to the GLOBAL REFUND office in Turkey.The refund amount will be credited to your credit card account.

Q: Which documents do I need for cashing my refund?
A: You need your GLOBAL REFUND Cheque confirmed by Turkish customs office. This cheque is your bill at the same time,

Q: What is the approximate time of duration before I can receive my mail refund?
A: At high season during the summer it takes approximately 60 days. During low season you can expect a handling time of 3-5 weeks.

Q: Does Global Refund provide for refunds on such items as hotel bills, restaurants notes and car rentals?
A: No, that is not permitted by law.

Q: I'm waiting for my refund. How can I retrieve status information about my expected refund?
A: Please contact the local Global Refund office in the country which you made your purchases.

Q: How do I know if the store provides Global Refund tax free service?
A: Please look for Tax Free logo sticker in the window or ask the staff in the store for help and information.

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