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Post  Mavi on Mon Jan 14, 2008 3:12 pm

A few questions that arise regularly is on the topic of blood tests.

Is it compulsory for everyone marrying in Turkey to have them?
Do all nationalities marrying in Turkey have to have them done?
What are they for?
Does all areas of Turkey require the blood tests?

Here is some information to clarify:-

1. The blood test aims to protect the public health, married couples and the new generations.

2. By law, it is compulsory for the Turkish Nationals and is done for all the foreigners regardless of the nationality if they are getting
married anywhere in Turkey.

3. It must be done at a Turkish State Hospital before the marriage.

4. It is there only to inform you about a few possible genetic diseases, such as AIDS, anemia, some genetic disorders, which affect the children most frequently.

5. Results do not stop you from getting married, but they inform you about any possible problems so that you can take your precautions accordingly and on time. Recent regulations have introduced a flexible area:-

1 ) provided the State of the foreign person/s does not require such or similar test and
2 ) provided agreed and accepted by both the foreign person/ and the marriage office, blood tests can be eliminated .

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